Program Policies

We have a no refund policy for all of our programs except in some cases of injury or sickness during the clinics In the case of injury, we will refund families with a credit towards future 4Core programs minus any processing fees we have already incurred at that point.  

All 4Core Lacrosse Academy event participants MUST be current members of US Lacrosse. Please go to to look up your member # or to sign up. Most youth and high school programs require this membership as well, so make sure you check to see if you are already registered before creating a new account!  

Player to Coach Ratio
We aim to provide a 5:1 Player to Coach ratio in our 4Core Lacrosse Programs.

For all 4Core Lacrosse Academy Clinics players will need a stick, goggles, a mouth guard, and appropriate footwear (cleats or turfs). We can provide extra sticks and goggles upon request but each participant must purchase their own mouth guard.

LeagueApps Registration System
League Apps is the management system we use for our registration of programs. Since we use this system any bill you receive will read 4Core Lacrosse League Apps on your statement.

Club Program 

Tournament Fees cover the following: 
A minimum number of practices, tournament registration for the tournaments, coaches' pay, coaches’ travel, practice shirt, practice shorts, socks, additional insurance, facilities, and team equipment.

Tournament Fees do NOT cover:
Tournament fees do not include flight costs, meals, rental cars, or hotel rooms on trips to tournaments.

Travel to Tournaments
Players will have the option to travel “with the team” or not. If players cannot travel with their own families, they can either go with a teammate and her family and split costs with them, OR pay fees to 4Core Lacrosse for us to chaperone them. Players who “travel with the team” will split the costs of the hotel rooms (players will be in rooms of 4) and rental cars, and then bring money for food. Players traveling with the team must buy a ticket on the flight the coaches are on, or on one that arrives around the same time as the coaches in order to get a ride to the team hotel. The other option is to meet us at the hotel. Travel information will be posted on the team website site for families to refer to after the initial email with all of the deadlines.